Our Board of Directors

Sergio Rodriquez
Affiliation: New Haven Board of Education
Position: Restorative Coach

Edwin Martinez (Vice Chair)
Affiliation: Space Craft MFG, Inc.
Position: Manufacturing Engineer

Addie Kimbrough
Affiliation: Newhallville Community Mngt. Team
Position: Retired

Shirley Ellis-West
Affiliation: Ubran Community Alliance
Position: Executive Director

Donarell Elder (Audit Chair)
Affiliation: Way of the Cross Int’l Bible Way Church
Position:  Business Consultant

Toni Harp
Affiliation: City of New Haven
Position: Retired. Former Mayor

Snow Turner
Affiliation: A on A
Position: Companion

Rodney Moore
Affiliation: New Haven Healthy Start
Position: Men’s Services Manager

Jeffrey Moore
Affiliation: GBAPP
Position: Men’s Services Manager

Allen McCollum (Secretary)
Affiliation: Atlantic Capital Investments, LLC
Position: President

Kenn Harris (Board Chair)
Affiliation: Natl’ Institute for Children’s Health Equality
Position: VP, Engagement and Community Partnerships

Stephen Monroe Tomczak (Nominating Chair)
Affiliation: Southern CT State University
Position: Professor

Rolando Martinez
Affiliation: Pathways Center for Learning
Position: Psychotherapist, LCSW, LADC

Erik Johnson (Treasurer)
Affiliation: Town of Hamden
Position: Director of Economic Development

“As trustees, leaders and guides for CAANH the board came together to support staff in service to community. As Chairman of the Board my role is to rally the board towards action. In doing so we support staff’s ability to be nimble and flexible when it continues modified services to clients during the pandemic. Board members are at the forefront of donor outreach to ensure the needs of our clients can be met in the most serious challenges facing the public health of all states, the nation and throughout the world.”