Case Management

What is Case Management?

At CAANH our case management services provide comprehensive, long-term individual and family development services and/or activities. CAANH is dedicated in assisting clients with achieving a set of goals that results in greater economic self-sufficiency and eliminates some of the causes of some of the barriers to better health and well being. Case Management is also designed to minimize the impact of poverty on individual and family success. The client will receive individualized case management and construct an individualized service plan in collaboration with his/her case manager to assist in eliminating barriers and recognizing strengths. In addition to individualized services CAANH also offers group case management to assist clients in achieving self-sufficiency.

Services Offered:

  • Pre-application assistance for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP); cash assistance, and medical
  • Employment Services (i.e., resume assistance, job referrals, etc.)
  • Education and Cognitive Development Services (i.e., Behavior Improvement – self-esteem and attitude)
  • Income and Asset Building Services (i.e., budget development, credit score and repair, etc.)
  • Housing Services (i.e., landlord/tenant mediation, rental counseling, etc.)
  • Health and Social/Behavioral Development (coaching sessions, wellness classes, family mentoring sessions, etc.)
Information and Referral services:

  • Mental health and substance abuse issues
  • Family counseling
  • Food bank
  • Clothing
  • Heating assistance
  • Employment and training
  • Medical treatment or medical facility services
Eligibility Requirements

CAANH has the “No Wrong Door” philosophy and will assist anyone who comes to us in need.

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    An FCC Success Story

    A mother of two came to CAANH seeking assistance finding a new home because she believed she could not afford her current rent since her husband was deported. The Case Manager worked with the client to create a detailed budget sheet to identify unnecessary spending that could go toward paying her bills. The client realized that if she sticks with the budget she will be able to keep her apartment. The case manager also assisted her with obtaining a second job to provide additional income.