Case Management Services

SNAP Income Limits CAANH have increased! Call us today to see if you qualify! SNAP Income Limits CAANH have increased! Call us today to see if you qualify!

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Specialized Services include but are not limited to domestic violence victim support such as restraining order completion, safety planning, and advocacy; housing support such as landlord-tenant mediation, assistance in finding new, safe, and affordable housing; assistance with employment search and resume creation, as well as assistance with basic needs such as food, clothing, utility mediation, energy assistance, and income support.

What are Social Services Block Grant (SSBG) Case Management Services, and who are they for?

SSBG is a program providing services to vulnerable &/or at-risk individuals who are experiencing 2 or more barriers to self-sufficiency. Services include but are not limited to Income Support, Employment, Housing, Mental Health & Substance Abuse Referrals
What can SSBG help with?

  • Food & Nutrition
  • State and Federal benefits application completion
  • Goal planning
  • Housing information & assistance
  • Referrals to other services
  • Help finding education or training opportunities
  • Job search & resume writing
Who will benefit most?

  • Clients who are economically disadvantaged
  • Clients who need help applying for social services
  • Clients who need referrals to basic needs, treatment, health, & shelter services
Who is eligible?

  • Connecticut residents who are at least 18 years of age
  • Those who meet the income guidelines. An SSBG case manager will verify your income during your first appointment

All applicants must demonstrate that they:

  • Live in the catchment areas: New Haven, East Haven, West Haven, North Haven, and Hamden.
  • Need at least two or more services (Housing, Income Support, etc.).
  • Household income is at or below the 150% Federal Poverty Guideline
  • Individuals must be considered Vulnerable and/or At-Risk

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is a federally funded program that aims to provide nutritious and healthy foods to low-income households. If eligible, SNAP benefits can help families afford a nutritionally adequate diet. SNAP benefits are not cash. SNAP benefits are provided on an electronic card that is used like an ATM or bank card to buy food at most grocery stores.

How can SNAP help me?

With the help of SNAP benefits, less money will be needed to spend on food. The SNAP card can be used to buy food at most major grocery stores, select convenience stores, and even some farmers’ markets. SNAP benefits can help you improve the nutritional content of your meals. To see what foods you can and cannot buy with SNAP go to:

Do I qualify for SNAP benefits?

If and how much SNAP benefits you qualify for depends on:
  • Your household’s income
  • Allowable deductions to your household’s income (examples include monthly shelter expenses, medical expenses, and court ordered child support)
  • Your household size
  • At least 5 years U.S. residency for qualified non-citizens
Households must meet both the gross and net income limits to be eligible for SNAP benefits. To see if you might be eligible for SNAP benefits, go to Supplemental-Nutrition-Assistance- Program—SNAP/Eligibility
What will I need to provide?

  • Identification (such as driver’s license or other acceptable identification)
  • Social Security numbers for every applicant
  • Proof of income
  • Non-citizens will need to show proof of the legal immigrant status of household members applying for SNAP

Food Pantry

Provides a food supply to eligible low-income households in New Haven on an as-needed basis.

Homebound Services

Clients who are homebound and 18 years of age or older can receive a home visit to assist them in applying for Energy Assistance and Case Management services.

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