Assistant Director of Programs & Support Services

Daisy Sanchez

“ Coming to Community Action Agency Of New Haven has given me skills I didn’t know I possessed.”

Daisy prides herself on her attention to detail and cool composure. She came to CAANH in 2000 as a part-time Customer Service Representative and Receptionist. While still a temp she also assumed the position of a housing specialist for ARRA. After her early success and professionalism, she was brought on full-time as a Homebound Specialist. She was also selected as a Results Based Accountability (RBA) Coach. The training took two years, and soon after, she trained the CAANH staff. Daisy, along with two others at CAANH, enrolled 800 people in Obama’s Access Health program. Daisy was promoted in 2014 to Assistant Manager for the Energy Department. As a result, she was transformed from a hard worker to a smart worker and a leader! Her experience has given her more confidence in her life and with the people that she serves in the community.