Energy Assistance

Today at 11:59:01 pm is the deadline for households to apply for CEAP eligibility. To Apply you must go to this link: Today at 11:59:01 pm is the deadline for households to apply for CEAP eligibility. To Apply you must go to this link:

Call (203) 387-7700 to schedule an appointment with a caseworker.
Call (203) 285-8018 to book an energy appointment.
Households in immediate danger of being without heat should call TODAY – appointments fill up fast!

CAANH operates the CT Energy Assistance Program that provides heating assistance to eligible households in East Haven, Hamden, New Haven, North Haven, and West Haven. This program helps with all types of heating sources including natural gas, electric, and deliverable fuels such as oil, propane, kerosene, wood/wood pellets, and coal. Benefits are based on your household’s income and number of family members. Apply online, over the phone, in-person, or by mail. Click here for more information about the program.

Who is eligible?

Any household in New Haven, North Haven, West Haven, East Haven or Hamden that is responsible for heating costs and has a household member that receives SNAP, TANF, State Supplemental, Refuge Cash assistance, or SSI is categorically eligible for this program.

Your household may be eligible for CEAP if you meet one of the following income guidelines:

  • You receive food stamps (SNAP), SSI, TANF, or other benefits from the Department of Social Services
  • Your annual household income falls at or below the income levels in the table below (i.e. 60% of the state’s median income)
Household Size 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Annual Income $39,761 $51,996 $63,230 $76,465 $88,699 $100,933 $103,227 $105,521
  • Categorical Eligibility – Certified eligible at a Level 1 now
  • Temporary Family Assistance (TFA)
  • State Supplement to the Aged, Blind and Disabled (State Supplement)
  • Refugee Cash Assistance Program
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) – received $40 if they did not apply
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
CEAP/LIHWAP Energy Assistance benefits include:

Heat benefits: basic benefit awards are determine based on income, household size and vulnerability. Vulnerable households (disabled, under 6 or over 60) receive the highest awards.
LevelPoverty GuidelinesVulnerable HouseholdsNon-Vulnerable Households
1At or below 125%$600$550
2126% FPG – 200%$450$400
3201% FPG – 60 SMI$300$250

How do I apply?

Households can apply using the following options:
required documents

If your primary source of heat is Gas, Electric, Oil, Pellets, Wood or Propane, you can apply for Energy Assistance. If your heat is included in your rent, and your income is below 60% of state median income, you may qualify for benefits.

You must bring the following documents:

  • Social Security Numbers and dates of birth of all household members
  • Verification of any disability
  • Current active electric bill/ account number and gas bill (if you heat with gas)
  • Income verification: (from a period of four consecutive weeks within the 3 months prior to application date)
  • Current monthly Social Security, SSI, Veteran, or Pension benefit verification
  • Unemployment Department of Labor Printout
  • Child Support Enforcement Letter / Printout
  • Tenant’s lease (if heat is included in the rent)
  • *Budget Sheet (if you receive SNAP, TFA Cash Assistance, CT State Supplement, Refuge Assistance, etc.)
additional forms

important dates

  • September 1, 2023 – First day to apply for CT Energy Assistance
  • November 1, 2023 – First day for fuel deliveries that can be paid by the program
  • April 1, 2024 – Deadline for fuel authorizations or deliveries
  • May 31, 2024 – Last day that a household can apply to establish its eligibility for benefits
Notice of applicant rights State of Connecticut and Service Availability Department of Social Services

Matching Payment Plan

Energy Assistance clients are able to enter into the Matching Payment Plan (MPP) with Southern Connecticut Gas (SCG) that allows them to make arrangements for regular monthly payments on a back balance to receive a matching payment from SCG. The Matching Payment Program may help you manage your electric and/or gas bill. With this program, we will match the payments you make to your outstanding, past-due utility bill when you make your required payments.
How do I apply?

Phase 1: Enrolling is easy
  1. Contact us to confirm your account is coded for hardship or pre-qualify for hardship.
  2. Contact your local Community Action Agency, apply for energy assistance.
  3. Enroll in our Matching Payment Program. Assistance begins on November 1.
  4. Make your required monthly budgeted utility payment(s) on time each month until May 1.
Phase 2: Continue making payments
  1. Continue making required monthly budgeted utility payment(s) on time each month.
  2. If you make all your monthly payments on time by October 31, you are eligible for a second matching payment in November.
Complete Phase 2 and receive a second matching payment in November that will equal the amount you have paid to your account during Phase 2 of the program period (May 2 through October 31), down to a zero balance.
Be sure to make your budgeted payments on time throughout the year to receive the Matching Payment Program benefits.
For more information

Operation Fuel

Operation Fuel ensures equitable access to energy for all by providing year-round energy assistance, promoting energy independence, and advocating for affordable energy.
Operation Fuel offers emergency energy assistance to households who 1) fall outside the government assistance programs’ eligibility guidelines or 2) have exhausted their government assistance. Such assistance shall be given in accordance with these guidelines but with flexibility to meet human needs.

Beginning Tuesday, August 1, 2023, Operation Fuel will administer an energy assistance program for clients who need aid with meeting their home energy needs (electricity, gas, and deliverable fuels). This program will be for households living up to 75% of state median income. There will not be an assets test. The maximum grant amount will be up to $500.

Grant Amount
One time grant up to $500 per household, per year. Deliverable fuel customers may use this grant for one delivery per year. *Operation Fuel staff will make all final approvals.

Program Dates
The Program will start Tuesday, August 1, 2023, and end Friday, November 10, 2023. Operation Fuel may shorten or extend the program season, as funding permits.


Electric or Gas Utility:
To qualify for a grant toward their electric or gas bills, applicants must have at least one of the following criteria: a shut-off notice, have no utility service, must need assistance with making a required payment to maintain a payment arrangement, or have a past due balance of 30 days or more. Households will be eligible for this program even if they received a grant for their primary heat through the CT Energy Assistance Program (CEAP). That said, Operation Fuel encourages eligible residents to seek CEAP assistance before applying to Operation Fuel.

Deliverable Fuels:
To qualify for a grant for an emergency fuel delivery, applicants must have at or below 1/4 tank of fuel. Operation Fuel deliverable fuel assistance can only be applied toward future fuel deliveries. The vendor is required to submit a delivery invoice for payment within 30 days of delivery. Households will be eligible for this program even if they received a grant for their primary heat through the CT Energy Assistance Program (CEAP).

Additional eligibility requirements include:

  • Total household income is within 75% state median income. For hardship coding and/or electric and gas hardship programs, household income cannot exceed 60% of state median income.
  • Applicant has not received an Operation Fuel energy assistance grant during the 12-month period of which they are applying. In other words, if a client received a grant on August 22, 2023, he/she is not eligible for an Operation Fuel grant until August 22, 2024.
  • Applicant has made a total of 4 payments within the 12-month period of which they are applying. 3 payments throughout the year and 1 payment during the winter moratorium. Applicant must show a pattern of payments. If applicant makes all 4 payments within one month or days prior to applying, they will not qualify.

Some emergency examples can include but are not limited to the following:

  • Client is suffering from job loss and is collecting unemployment or exhausted unemployment benefits.
  • Client’s health is threatened (ie needs utility to refrigerate medications or baby formula).
  • Client needs utility to keep medical equipment operational.

Applications must include the following documents:

  • Current utility bill or shut off notice with a past due balance of 30 days or more. (Utility assistance applications.)
  • Current payment history. Please access Eversource, UI, SCG, CNG web portals for account history. If you need to sign up for access to the web portal, please contact Operation Fuel staff. (Utility assistance applications.)
  • Proof of income: Documentation of all household members with last 4 weeks of income. (Utility and deliverable fuel assistance applications)
  • If the household has adults (18 and older) without income, please leave a note in the system providing an explanation as to why the adult does not have income. For example, “Note: Adult child goes to school full time and does not work.”
  • If the household has not had income in the last 4 weeks, an Operation Fuel notarized Zero-Income form is required. All questions on the form must be answered. Note subsidies such as housing, SNAP, cash assistance, child care, etc. are not sufficient to demonstrate income. For example, if an applicant indicates the only source of income in the home is SNAP benefits, the applicant must complete a Zero-Income Form.
  • ALL zero income, family and friends support, and self-employment worksheets must be notarized. This includes handwritten notes from an applicant’s employer, family, friends, and hand written child support statements
  • Copy of the signed application – signatures from the applicant & intake worker. (Utility and deliverable fuel assistance applications.)

Note: Operation Fuel will provide notice to fuel banks via email or voicemail if an application is incomplete. If an incomplete application is still pending after 30 days, the applicant may be required to re-apply as the household circumstances may have changed. Additionally, Operation Fuel may deny a fuel bank fee in these cases.