Our Story

On September 30th of 1977, the Community Action agency of New Haven (CAANH) was incorporated to “conduct, administer, provide and contract for social services and programs and economic development activities for the benefit of low-income persons residing in the City of New Haven.”

Since then, the agency’s catchment area has expanded to also include East Haven, West Haven, North Haven, and Hamden, CT, but the mission remains the same. As a federal anti-poverty agency, CAANH’s entire base of work is aimed at advancing equity for, and upward mobility of, those living in these areas, not only by providing financial assistance, but whenever possible by providing linkage to training, health & behavioral resources, and improving skills, thereby ameliorating the many causes of poverty itself. The ultimate goal is generational change with continuous improvement.

Our programs are innovative, and in touch with the needs of the community, adapting as gaps emerge as reported by community residents themselves, and in order to continue this ongoing work, funds must be sourced from not only the public sector, but from private donations. Your gift will help CAANH’s clients on their pathways to prosperity through Service, Collaboration, Advocacy, and Knowledge Generation—give today and make a difference! 

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Ways To Support Our Mission

Annual Giving

Contributions are welcomed at any time of the year for unrestricted use. All donations are tax deductible to a 501 (c) (3) and can be particularly beneficial to the donor before the close of each year.
Impact Giving

You can support a CAANH program that speaks to you with a gift of $5,000 or more to make a significant impact on an issue you are passionate about.
Recurrent Monthly Giving

Simplify your giving with a set monthly donation.
Event Sponsorship

Support CAANH’s Mission through Event Sponsorship, and in turn, receive benefits. Contact Special Assistant for Community and Organizational Advancement at