Health Literacy

Post-COVID pandemic, an increasing number of residents in our catchment area are experiencing adversity to improved health outcomes due to barriers in obtaining and maintaining housing, food insecurities, and negative financial impacts.

The Health Literacy Team (HLT) assists in removing barriers to provide access to the most difficult-to-reach and underserved populations in our communities. As trusted messengers, HLT participates in outreach by canvassing the community and participating in community engagement activities.

Customers who are facing socioeconomic barriers receive the following services:

  • Pre-Application Assistance
  • Health Insurance Enrollment
  • Internal and External Referrals
  • Case Management
  • Client Support Fund
  • Access to transportation for medical-related activities

(203) 387-7700, Ext. 299

What Does the End of PHE Mean for You?

May 11, 2023, marks the end of the federal COVID-19 PHE declaration. After this date, the CDC’s authorizations to collect certain types of public health data will expire. Most tools, like vaccines, treatments, and testing, will remain available. But, some tools, like certain data sources and reporting, will change.

Vaccines will remain available. Access to COVID-19 vaccines will generally not be affected for now. The U.S. government is currently distributing free COVID-19 vaccines for all adults and children. To help keep communities safe from COVID-19, HHS remains committed to maximizing continued access to COVID-19 vaccines.

COVID-19 at-home tests may not be covered by insurance. Insurance providers will no longer be required to waive costs or provide free COVID-19 tests. CDC’s No Cost COVID-19 Testing Locator can help people find current community and pharmacy partners participating in the Increasing Community Access to Testing (ICATT) program.

Treatments will remain available. Medication to prevent severe COVID-19, such as Paxlovid will remain available for free while supplies last. After that, the price will be determined by the medication manufacturer and your health insurance coverage. Check with your healthcare provider if you need early treatment to prevent severe COVID-19.

National reporting of COVID-19 may change. We have the right data for this phase of COVID-19 that will allow us to understand what’s happening with the virus in America in real-time. Simply put, while what we have going forward will be different, it will still allow CDC, local public health officials, and the members of the public to understand COVID-19 dynamics at the community level.