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Surfing with Seniors



Surfing with Seniors is a computer training educational program that works exclusively with Mature Adults.  Community Action Agency of New Haven, Inc. (CAANH) is working to reduce the digital divide and isolation, which exists among Mature Adults over age 55. For almost a year, CAANH has facilitated this interactive computer learning experience to help seniors gain basic computer skills and advance to more complex applications.

CAANH’s goal in offering this service is to allow Mature Adult access to technology and all its benefits. A patient, respectful, and skilled instructor leads our hands-on computer training. All training is conducted at CAANH’s new computer learning center, which has all newer computers with Internet access.

Success story

Everything computes for Anne Marie


In 2014, Anna Marie enrolled in the program because learning how to use the computer was on her ‘bucket list.’ Anna Marie found out about Surfing with Seniors when she came to CAANH for energy assistance – and she’s very happy to have discovered the course! “The (instructors are so kind and gentle,” she said. “If (the students) don’t get it the first time, (the instructors) stay with you until you learn. They make you feel like you’re right where you’re supposed to be. It’s a blessing for every last one of us.”


Lessons from the program even came in handy during a recent emergency. During the crisis, Anna Marie was traveling and needed to get to a hospital in Massachusetts to help a friend. “In class, the instructor had been surprised to see I had an iPhone,” she said. “She told me I can do everything we do in class on my phone … Prior to that, I had just used it as a phone. So, when this emergency came up, I didn’t have a piece of paper and used Google to find directions to the right hospital! Ordinarily I would have called a hundred people to try and find out where to go and how to get there! Seriously!!”

According to Anna Marie, Surfing with Seniors “gave (her) the tools” to better use technology – and to weather an emergency! In fact, she’s now teaching her son techniques, and is urging her 80-year-old pastor to attend the class.