Director of Planning and Business Development

Tiffany L. Robinson

Tiffany L. Robinson joined CAANH in 2018 as the Planning and Development Coordinator.

As an active participant in making strategic decisions that positively impact CAANH, Tiffany is responsible for advising the development and evaluation of agency programs, services, and grant-seeking initiatives. She is also tasked with creating a mix of formal and informal strategies with business leaders, preparing annual plans, reports, and contracts as well as identifying any unmet needs in the community in order to construct goals for the future of the Agency.

Prior to joining the CAANH team, Tiffany worked in business management for over a decade. Tiffany is also a social entrepreneur, creating impact and legacy since 2017 as the visionary behind Eloquent Ingenuity ™. She trains and develops current and/or future entrepreneurial leaders to increase the use of effective communication, knowledge sharing, and confidence execution in the foundation of their business.

Tiffany has a diverse academic portfolio with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and a minor in Communications (2012), along with a Master of Business Administration degree with dual concentrations in Leadership and Human Resources (2017). Post graduate school she continued her learning in the community completing the Community Leadership Program (2018) and the Resident Leadership Program (2019).

Since 2015, Tiffany has volunteered to instruct students on workforce readiness, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship in over 10 schools throughout Connecticut. Beginning in 2017, she also provisionally completes Empowerment Study sessions for her church.

Tiffany happily continues the pursuit with the agency to build and sustain the vision to change the world one person, one family, one block at a time.